My name is Tara. I am happily married to the love of my life. We have seven beautiful children, a cat and a Chihuahua.

I am a writer, graphics designer, artist, blogger, and chef-wannabe.

I write mostly romance in several genres under several pen names, so I’m very familiar with what it takes to sell books. (I’ve made six figures selling my books every year since 2012, and I started in 2011!)

I do specialize in romance and erotica book covers, but I am familiar with pretty much every genre, having dabbled in several other genres myself and being an avid reader and lover of beautiful book cover designs. I have a couple of boards on Pinterest where I pin book cover designs I really find visually striking.

I have been doing graphics design since 1997. I am self taught, having taught myself how to design in order to make websites for myself years ago. With nearly twenty years of design experience, I’ve learned how to really produce designs that are both pleasing to the eye and effective at selling! I’ve done design work for some of the biggest names in internet marketing, as well, so I know the marketing side of things almost as well as the visual aspect.

I would really love to work with you to create a book cover you’re going to love AND that will sell copies of your book. I hope to hear from you soon!